Vorbereitung in Englisch für die AP

Schüler/innen verfassen Texte für die Abschlussprüfung in Englisch


I liked the book because it shows the truth about how people react to people who look and act differently and how they usually act around them. The story isn´t sugarcoated and shows how you´re being treated if you don´t fit the norm. I think it´s interesting how some people completely changed their view about people with disabilities as the story went on. My personal favourite character in the book is Jack. He went from being afraid of August to accepting him and he even stood up for him in the end. He became close with August and they´re having a good relationship. The book makes you think about how you behave around people with disabilities yourself. I think it might change some readers minds. It shoes clearly that what´s really important is on the inside and that you can´t really judge someone from a distance or if you don´t actually know them. I would recommend everyone to read this book since it´s a touching and honest story. It also shows that even if you stand out completely from other people, in the end we´re all the same.