Going Green – Five letters to the school community

Letter from Ines:

Dear school community!

I am going to tell you some things that are very important for our environment. At first there is a huge problem caused of plastic bottles. The infographic shows that one plastic bottle needs a lot of water and oil to be made.

The people throw the bottles on the ground and not into a bin. They end up on landfills, in lakes, rivers and in the ocean which causes huge problems. The animals in the sea are eating the plastic, so it ́s bad for us, too, because we eat seafood. We are eating little pieces of our own trash. When you want to be environmentally friendly, drink out of glass bottles or metal cans. It is so much better for you and your environment. And when you are using plastic bottles fill them up with water again and don ́t use it just for one time. After that throw it into the right bin!

The second point are the three R ́s. It ́s about reuse, reduce and recycling. Reuse means that you should use things more often and to reuse it again. Some examples could be rain water for watering your plants, use a jar for drinking out of it and bring your clothes you don ́t wear anymore to friends, so they can wear and use them. Next there is reduce. You can reduce things you buy or eat, like meat. Also you can reduce your consumption of water. The last point of the three R ́s is recycling. You can recycle so many things and make new stuff out of it. Plastic bottles are very good to recycle, or make out of an old t-shirt a pillow. There are so many ideas about what you can make.

Your school can do this things, too, and actually every single person, too! There are so many ways to be a little bit more environmentally friendly. For example, seperate your trash into different bins, turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth, take a shower instead a bath, take the public transport or bike to go to school instead with the car and turn off the light when you are going out of the room.

These are very simple things that everyone can do! I hope you think about it a little bit and you are changing your lifestyle just a bit.

Yours Ines.

Letter from Caro:

Going Green

Hello my name is Caro and I would like to tell you a little bit more about going green.For example using plastic bottles is a big cause of climate change. In one year 17 million barrels of oil are wasted for producing plastic bottles. 60% of all plastic bottles are used in the Us but that is only 4,5% of the population in the whole wide world. To produce a bottle you need three times more water than it is filled with. In hot states the bottles can leach dioxin and this can cause breast cancer. If you are a seafood lover you eat about 11 thousand pieces of plastic. So to help the environment I wouldlike to prestent the 3rs, so you can help save the environment.

The first R is reduce that means you should use things over and over again. You can buy a metal bottle you use everyday. You should take a shower instead of a bath. Turn the lights off when you leave the room. The second R is Reuse. So bring old clothes to charity containers so other people can use them. You can also use old paper for taking notes on it.The third R is Recycle. So to recycle things put your trash in the right paper bin. Don’tthrow everything into one bin.

The 3Rs can help you a little bit to do something good for our environment and the next generations.So I would like you to take care of your lifestyle. When the teacher isn’t using the Pc, turn it off instead of leaving it on standby. We could organize an organic buffet for thestudents. We should turn the lights off when we don ́t need them or we are not in class. Bring a metal botlle with you instead of buying plastic bottles.

I hope I could help you with this text and you change your lifestyle to help the world to survive.

Letter from Angelika:

A letter to the school community about going green

We should protect our environment. I want to tell you something about the plastic bottles and why they aren`t good for our environment. Most of the people use plastic bottles but it`s not good for us. When we fill up our plastic bottle there can be a lot of microplastic in our water and this is very bad for our health and our body. The production needs a lot of barrels of oil to produce one bottle each year. We should also buy and use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, because they can be recycled and they are better for our environment. But when you buy a plastic bottle you can look for the recycling symbol on the bottle.

Now I want to talk about the 3 Rs. The 3 Rs are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We should reduce our meat consumption, this means we should eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. We shouldn`t eat meat every day. Reuse means that we should make new thingswith old clothes, for example. Bring old clothes you don`t wear anymore to a charity or give it to friends. You can also make a pillow of an old T-shirt and I think this is very nice. You can also reuse newspaper, because when you want to wrap a present for someone you can do it with an old newspaper. And the last thing is recycle. You can bring glass and paper to a glass and paper bank. You can also compost organic waste in your garden, food you don`t eat and don`t need you can compost in your own garden. This is a very good way to help the environment.

Also our school can do something to become more environmentally friendly. We should separate our waste, this means we should throw our waste into the right bin. We also shouldturn off the lights when we are not in the classroom or when the sund is shining outside. We should have an information day in our school. We should also turn the computers on stand-by when we don`t use them.

I hope our school will get now more environmentally friendly and we can do something for our future.

Letter from Michelle:

Dear school community,

In the English Lessons I learned so many things about “Going green” and save the planet and I write a letter to you and I hope you will change something.In this letter I will write about three topics, first I explain to you something about plastic and plastic bottles. The next points are the 3Rs and finally I will write about some tips for everyone and for school.

First, I will tell you something about plastic. The infographic shows us that we need 17 Million barrels each year for producing plastic bottles. Most people drink from plastic bottles but this is not good for our health and it is not good for the environment. We should change our habits and we should use glass bottles, this is good for the environment. In the US too much people drink from plastic bottles instead of glass bottles.

Next, I will write about the 3Rs. The 3Rs are standing for reuse, reduce and recycle. Igive you some examples for reuse. You can wear your clothes more often than once and instead of throwing it away gives your clothes to a charity like Caritas. You can borrow your clothes to friends or neighbours. Don’t spend so much money for clothes, you can go to second-Hand shops. Then the next point is reduce, that’s a very important point. For example reduce your water consumption, take a shower instead of a bath and turn the water off when you brush your teeth.You can buy a water-saving dishwasher and washing ashine. And don’t drive short distances with the car, ride with the bike or use public transport. And the last point is recycling. You should go to paper banks and bottle banks and try to recycle your waste.

The last Point in my letter are some tips for you and for the school. In school we should put our waste into the right rubbish bin and separate our rubbish. The food in our school buffet should be organic food or fair trade products. We can organize a project in school for going green. You can reduce your water consumption and your energy consumption. For example,turn the lights off when you leave a room and turn your computers on stand-by. And you can use glass bottles and soda stream. I hope you can change something in your school and in your life.

Yours Michelle

Letter from Enya:

Dear Students and Teachers,

I want to tell you important things about going green. We have to restore a balance. First, I want toexplain why plastic bottles are so bad for the environment. Most of them land in our rivers, oceans orin the woods. Only a few go to landfills. Plastic bottles need a lot of crude oil. t7 million barrels of oilare used for bottles each year. Many cars could drive so many month with this oil. The USA consumes60% of plastic bottles and that is really bad because everybody can drink water from the tap. lt’shealthy and safe but many people don’t know that. ln plastic bottles are microplastic particles andthat is really bad for our bodies. The production of bottles also needs a lot of water. Animals in theocean think plastic is food so they eat it. They can die because of us and we also eat plastic when weeat fish. By 2050 there will be more trash than fish in the ocean. When it is too hot plastic bottles canleach dioxin. So less plastic can save the world.

The „3Rs“ are „Reduce“, „Reuse“, „Recycle“, Let me explain „reduce“ for you, So you have to livewith less. Less food, shopping and so on. Buy only what you need. Do not buy things because theyhave a nice packaging. So you can reduce waste. You can also reduce driving by using the bike forshort distances instead of the car. lt is also better for your health.

Reuse means you can reuse so manythings. lt may be to turn an old item into a new one. Use toiletpaper rolls, CDs, bottle cups, kitchen rolls for art projects at school and for your family internships.There are so many ideas. Use ice cream tubs for food. Use plastic bottles for watering your plants.Donate old stuff to charity stores.

Recycling means to put the right trash into the right bin. And bring glass bottles for example to theglass bank or paper to the paper bank. Use recycled products.

I want to point out everybody can do something. For example, you can use glass bottles instead ofplastic bottles. lt is better for the environment. And glass can be recycled forever. Turn off the lightwhen you leave the room. Dont leave your computer on stand-by. Use scrap paper and use bothsides. Pick up trash around your school building. Grow your own plants in the garden. That is the bestway to have pollution-free food. Don’t eat meat every day and buy only local products and organicfood. Fill up your washing machine. Only wash your clothes when it is necessary, Don’t use plasticbags you can take bags of jute material. Our life depends on our planet, so think about it and dosomething for the next generation. Our world is in danger.

Yours sincerely, Enya